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From Prada in Milan via the Presidential Palace – Tara Concept arrived in Novi Sad

One of the largest domestic producers of exclusive parquet and floor coverings, Tara Concept, opened the doors of its new showroom on November 17, 2022 in Bulevar Evrope 38 in Novi Sad. As part of its unique offer of the new showroom, Tara Concept will present handmade parquet floors, interior room doors, designer coffee tables and the most exclusive ceramics.

Tara Concept is a leader in the field of parquet production in Serbia, officially one of the 100 most successful companies in our country. For more than three decades, their parquet has adorned some of the most beautiful buildings and homes throughout Europe and the world, and it has also found its place in exclusive new construction projects in Serbia.

The company’s management states that the path they traveled was not fast, but it contributed to the quality and assortment they are proud of today:

“Using the most modern technologies in the industry of wood processing and its protection as a final product, we learned that trends change, and that we can even influence some by creating them. We were often the first to offer something completely different on the market. We were not afraid to be innovative, all in order to improve the offer. From the very beginning of our business, we tried to preserve traditional wood processing and a specific way of creating parquet, which required the most modern technologies. The combination of traditional and modern brought us a handful of ideas that we implement every day in homes, business premises and hotels across Europe. In order to show you how much we care about getting better in the future, we decided to open a new showroom in the European capital of culture, with a display of products that will help you make the best decision for your home.”

Come and see why projects like Osservatorio by Prada – Milan, Presidential Palace – Uzbekistan, BMW Show Room – Belgrade, MiaMaya TC Rajićeva – Belgrade, Diamond Garden – Skopje, Flatiron – Skopje, BW Mangolia, BW Terraces, Benetton – Shopping Center Ušće, Geozavod – Belgrade have shown their trust in Tara Concept parquets.


We suggest you take a look

We suggest you take a look

Wood humidity is influenced by the humidity of the substrate, as well as the conditions in the surrounding area (temperature and air humidity). For laying wood, depending on the type, the parquet manufacturer determines the relative humidity of the substrate on which the parquet or ship floor can be laid, as well as the humidity of the wood itself.
Oak (Quercus) has about two hundred species. The most famous is the oak, which is traditionally used as a wood of great strength, excellent characteristics, unique texture and color.
Plank/strip flooring, matchboarding, hardwood flooring are all the names for the same type of wooden floor coverings. It is a cross-section of solid wood, and the dimensions vary from 15 to 20 mm thick, 90 to 200 mm wide, and 500 to 2000 mm long.