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Oak parquet – matchboarding

There are about two hundred species of Quercus. The most famous is the oak, which is traditionally used as a wood of great strength, excellent characteristics, unique texture and color.

In addition to being used in the production of furniture, carpentry and wooden objects, it is the basic material for the production of the highest quality wooden floors.

Oak parquet and oak hardwood flooring are certainly the most popular and widespread. The hardness of oak is only below that of foreign types of Ipe and Cumaru and above or the same hardness as Zebrano, Kempas, Merbau, Eucalyptus, Bamboo, Mahogany, measured by the Brinell method. Thermotreating makes oak parquet even harder. We can influence its color with other natural pigmented oils.

Oak wood is used to produce:

• Oak lam parquet
• Classic oak parquet
• Oak hardwood flooring (plank/strip flooring), matchboarding
• Oak parquet of large dimensions
• Oak multi-layer parquet

You can view our oak parquets at:

We suggest you take a look

We suggest you take a look

In order for your parquet in a residential or commercial space to look perfect, you should make plans before installing the covering. Namely, high-quality subfloor preparation will provide you with maximum durability, a beautiful aesthetic experience and comfort in the space.
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Wood humidity is influenced by the humidity of the substrate, as well as the conditions in the surrounding area (temperature and air humidity). For laying wood, depending on the type, the parquet manufacturer determines the relative humidity of the substrate on which the parquet or ship floor can be laid, as well as the humidity of the wood itself.