WPC decking is made of 40% wood and 60% polymer. The name itself explains its composition: W-wood (wood) P-plastic (plastic) C-composite (mixture). Such raw material composition ensures that the coating is resistant to all external climatic influences. The main purpose is to replace wooden exterior coverings (exotic wood decking).

Main characteristics:

  • No cracks – happening with wood due to various weather influences
  • No thorns – separation of parts of the material surface (small splinters) which are unpleasant because they can stick into the feet
  • No rotting – the material is moisture-resistant and does not rot
  • No additional maintenance – no need to oil, coat or protect
  • Possibility of mold formation – subfloor mold can appear on a surface that is in the shade. Regular maintenance (washing and sweeping) is necessary so that mold does not form on the surface

The WPC decking system consists of boards, an underlaying structure of transversely placed beams and plastic clips. The dimensions of the boards are 25x150x2500 mm. The boards are attached to the underlaying structure using plastic clips. Underlaying structure and clips are sold separately. The clips are also spacers between the boards because they leave a gap of about 5 mm for the passage of water. An L-profile 4×6 cm in the floor color is placed on the open edges. Ideal for areas such as terraces, balconies or areas around the pool.

The product is delivered in three colors: WOOD (light brown), DARK BROWN (dark brown) and DARK GRAY.