Treasury of knowledge

In Serbia, especially in Šumadija, there is no large walnut forest or plantation, there are plantations on small surfaces or individual wild trees, yet the quality, strength, completely unique texture and color, the wood of our Serbian, Šumadija walnut ranks among the most expensive species in the world.
It is usually said that wood is stronger if it has a higher density. A method often used to determine the strength of a wooden floor is the so-called Brinell method.
The use of wood as a floor covering dates back to Roman times when hand-finished oak planks were used and the first installment of parquet flooring like today began in France during the reign of Louis XIV.
In order for your parquet in a residential or commercial space to look perfect, you should make plans before installing the covering. Namely, high-quality subfloor preparation will provide you with maximum durability, a beautiful aesthetic experience and comfort in the space.
The subfloor on which the wooden covering, parquet or hardwood flooring is placed must be solid, load-bearing, flat as well as degreased and dust-free. If the subfloor is cement-based, it must meet a very important condition related to humidity.
Nowadays, there are a large number of different types of adhesives for parquet or hardwood flooring available on the market, each with its own purpose and convenience for a specific case (parquet size, type of wood, purpose of the space where the parquet is laid...).
Wood humidity is influenced by the humidity of the substrate, as well as the conditions in the surrounding area (temperature and air humidity). For laying wood, depending on the type, the parquet manufacturer determines the relative humidity of the substrate on which the parquet or ship floor can be laid, as well as the humidity of the wood itself.
There are many factors that affect the price of parquet, and some of them are the type of wood from which the parquet is made, the class of wood, the size of the pieces from which the parquet is made...
After working for many years, primarily in the production of parquet flooring, I can freely conclude that the installers, fitters, or simply put, parquet workers, represent the most important factor in the entire segment called parquet in the interior.
Oak (Quercus) has about two hundred species. The most famous is the oak, which is traditionally used as a wood of great strength, excellent characteristics, unique texture and color.
Plank/strip flooring, matchboarding, hardwood flooring are all the names for the same type of wooden floor coverings. It is a cross-section of solid wood, and the dimensions vary from 15 to 20 mm thick, 90 to 200 mm wide, and 500 to 2000 mm long.
It is important to remember that a wooden floor is a "living" material. Wood, although it does not grow as part of a tree, is still very much a part of its environment, regulating light, temperature, humidity and influences. The general rule is that a real wooden floor needs four seasons to adapt to its environment.