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Wooden floors as part of the interior

The use of wood as a floor covering dates back to Roman times when hand-finished oak planks were used and the first installment of parquet flooring like today began in France during the reign of Louis XIV.

Wood is used as floor covering primarily because of its characteristics: strength, wear resistance, slip resistance, sound and thermal insulation, it being a natural material.

The uniqueness of each piece in terms of texture, color, warmth of wood as a natural material, are also the reasons why it is constantly used in furnishing the interior.

In addition to classic parquet floors, more and more popular floors of larger dimensions, multi-layer or solid wood floors are being produced.
Although not as good in exploitation characteristics as multi-layered, solid wood floors still have primacy with regard to natural wood floors. The feeling that you have brought so much nature into your everyday living space is irreplaceable and priceless. By installing high-quality domestic oak, walnut or ash wood, which has an absolutely unique texture, you get long-lasting floors for your house.

Finishing wooden indoor floors is also significant for creating a complete impression of an interior. More and more natural oil pigments are being used, which you can use to influence the color of your floor. An oiled floor looks much more natural and is warmer to the touch, it does not slip.
Before oiling with this special oil, or varnishing, the floor can be brushed, hammered, additionally sanded, manually finished, so that its texture is more emphasized. Today’s finish gives wooden floors a modern look that can fit into any space.

Wooden floors, in addition to their visual effect, are installed for one more important reason.

It’s about health. In addition to being a natural material, wood attracts incomparably less dust, which is the cause of a large number of respiratory diseases.

Parquet prices depend on the type of wood used and dimensions. In addition to the above-mentioned characteristics, the appearance of the texture and color play an important role in choosing the type of wood. The dimensions also affect the parquet price, and the fact that the individual pieces (sticks) are larger, the price of the parquet per m/2 is higher.
By properly installing parquet on an adequate subfloor, you get the most dominant piece of furniture in your home, which, when properly used, can be last for generations.

We suggest you take a look

We suggest you take a look