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Serbian walnut as a brand

In Serbia, especially in Šumadija, there is no large walnut forest or plantation, there are plantations on small surfaces or individual wild trees, yet the quality, strength, completely unique texture and color, the wood of our Serbian, Šumadija walnut ranks among the most expensive species in the world.

Serbian walnut has a specific color combination. Its visual identity is characteristic of Serbia, so we can say that it is our autochthonous species, very well-known and appreciated.

On our market, some types such as teak or wenge are more expensive only because they come from faraway places, so their procurement is complicated and expensive. For example, a solid parquet or hardwood floor made of our Šumadija walnut in Italy costs between 150 and 220 evra/m2, and in 2012 it was generally popular at the furniture fair in Cologne.

With classic parquet, parquet of small dimensions, it is possible to combine colors, while it is almost impossible with parquet of larger dimensions. Walnut generally does not have a specific color. Not a single piece has much to do with the other, so that each piece is completely unique and installed either as a parquet or a hardwood floor, it represents a special, never twice-repeated work of art of nature. The fiber patterns provide a striking depth reminiscent of amber.

The way in which Tara DOO can deliver Serbian walnut to the market is the most optimal because we use the closest possible raw material, we have our own factory and we have been the largest walnut processor in Serbia for over two decades.

If you want a dominant floor, domestic Serbian walnut is the right choice.

We suggest you take a look

We suggest you take a look