1. Door frame with fixed casing – in line with the door panel
  2. Door panel jamb (solid wood 32x42mm)
  3. Door panel core (extruded chipboard or paper honeycomb 32mm)
  4. Panel cover (MDF 6mm on both sides, veneered/painted/with applications)
  5. Magnetic lock and handle
  6. Hidden or boat hinges
Tara Concept doors are made exclusively according to the customer’s wishes. In addition to the most substantial thing, which is certainly quality, it is equally important that the doors aesthetically fit into different types of interiors and respond to the most diverse wishes and needs of customers. The Nature collection of doors is designed to accompany some of the Tara Concept parquet lines both by the applications and by the colors of the veneer. In order for our customers to have a realistic image of how the doors will fit into the interior, we have provided architects and designers with 3D models that they can use in their work programs. Being aware of the complexity of the interior design and the customer’s needs, we make doors according to different conceptual solutions.

NATURE Collection