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Parquet adhesion – types of adhesives

Nowadays, there are a large number of different types of adhesives for parquet or hardwood flooring available on the market, each with its own purpose and convenience for a specific case (parquet size, type of wood, purpose of the space where the parquet is laid…).

Adhesive should never be used as a leveling agent!

For large-sized parquet, you should use an adhesive that is elastic so that it can accept the forces that arise due to the elasticity of this coating.

For parquet of “exotic” origin, it is most often recommended to use two-component polyurethane-based adhesives.

With “classic” parquets, dispersion-based adhesives are still used (with a tendency to decline). This type of adhesive is slowly being overcome for two reasons – the presence of contents that cannot classify them as ecological products, i.e. products with reduced EC1 emissions and water content that is in conflict with the coating they glue (wood), insisting on the percentage of residual moisture in the subfloor and the surrounding air. These adhesives have limitations on the dimensions of the parquet they can glue.

The price of parquet and matchboarding is not so low that you should ignore the importance of the adhesive on which you install this type of floor covering for your home.

We suggest you take a look

We suggest you take a look