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Why do architects choose Tara Concept for cooperation?

Did you know that you can find top quality, handmade parquets and turnkey installation in the domestic company Tara Concept?

With regard to interior flooring, the primary factors for architects in choosing the type of flooring are aesthetics, quality and long-term value. But, in addition to a quality product, good communication and full service while creating a unique project is certainly very important to all architects in Serbia.

An experienced team

“Going through many projects, both with architects and with customers, we collaborated with leading parquet flooring companies and went through many situations with them – gaining valuable experience from each of them. In order to protect the company interests while guaranteeing the satisfaction of our associates and customers, we decided to create a team of parquet installers who can handle any situation in the field while Tara Concept will provide an absolute guarantee for its products” – Tea Grabovica says for our portal.

Tara Concept has a team of parquet installers that can meet your every request in the field.

Among the multitude of solutions that can be found on the market today, parquet convincingly leads the way when it comes to uniqueness, technical characteristics and possibilities of numerous applications, for which the properties of wood as a natural material are primarily responsible.

Warmth and exclusivity

Different uses of space require different types of floor coverings. But, when we talk about living spaces, the warmth and exclusivity that parquet provides cannot be replaced by any other type of floor covering.

“As someone who has been in this market for 30 years, we have followed many trends, collaborated with many architects and participated with them in various projects around the world.” The fact that leading parquet manufacturers throughout Italy and France choose us as collaborators certainly speaks of our authority. We have survived on the market, both domestic and international, solely thanks to our hard work, perseverance and the relationship we have with all our collaborators”, says Grabovica.

Tara Concept also produces handmade sticks such as Chevron, Versailles and Chantilly.

“In addition to our standard offer in which you can find classic multi-layered oak and walnut parquet in different dimensions and a selection of wood that matches the rest of the interior, there are certainly also hand-made sticks such as Chevron, Versailles and Chantilly.” Of course, it doesn’t end there, over time, the need arose for our architects to express their creativity and art even more through parquet and floors in the spaces they arrange, so together we created completely unique combinations in not so standard and commercial colors. The fact that we are producers who constantly invest both in raw materials and in technology and professional staff certainly sets us apart on the market and allows us to have such cooperation and projects” – concludes our interviewee.

Impressive references

Osservatorio by Prada – Milan, Presidential Palace – Uzbekistan, BMW Show Room – Belgrade, MiaMaya SC Rajićeva – Belgrade, Diamond Garden – Skopje, Flatiron – Skopje, BW Magnolia – Belgrade are just some of the public spaces decorated with Tara Concept parquets.

Visit the showroom

If you want to know more about standard, premium or hand-made parquet, you can find more information on the website or visit their showroom in Belgrade, at Gospodara Vučića 221.


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We suggest you take a look